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Wedknott specialises in personalised service to truly remarkable people. Our exclusive premium matchmaking service is designed to help you find a truly compatible life partner, someone who is not just physically attractive to you but also shares your deepest-held values and outlook on life. With years of expertise, we are the pioneers of the matchmaking industry. Wedknott services designed for eligible singles and elite families around the world who need a distinguished set of exclusive matchmakers for finding the finest matches.

Our designated and highly trained MatchMaker (Relationship Manager) will closely work with you to understand your expectations. After detailed interactions with you; our MatchMaker works meticulously to find the profiles which best match your culture, status, and lifestyle. These profiles are literally handpicked using the best of both technology and human reviews by our dedicated team here at Wedknott.

We create an exceptional Matrimonial Profile for you; collaborating at every step in your search for your life partner. Our MatchMaker will closely work with you during the entire process and would aim to share few profiles (number vary on your preferences) in a week. Once you shortlist a profile that suits you the best; our MatchMaker will contact the family, speaking on your behalf, to bring the two families together. Upon mutual agreement, we will arrange for a formal meeting of the two families and manage all correspondences between the two families.

While we at Wedknott try our best to find a life partner for you, but we do not guarantee materialisation. We believe that marriage is an act of time and destiny and we work with all our heart to match to with someone who is destined to be with you. 😊

No, we have an offline database. We do not have confidence in the online procedure since matchmaking is significantly a more personal approach than simply making an online record. However, we do have an online CRM where we create a profile only for our record purposes. Other than that, everything will be done in a completely customized and classified manner.

While we want all our client to get materialised through us but it is not possible due to various circumstances. While we keep sharing profiles as and when we find a suitable partner for you right now our closure percentage is about 40-42%. However, we proudly admit that none of our clients have been without any meetings/ conversations.

No, our amount is a one-time payment which needs to be paid fully at once, we do not accept partial payments.

While all our services are prepaid, there are few exceptions that can be discussed one-o-one.

First, we need to have a certain number of profiles to cater you, which is completely based on your preferences. Secondly, this is very discreet and we have all rights reserved to accept or refuse a profile based on various reasons.

Currently we do not offer any trial period. However, we share the sample profiles which are completely based on your preferences to get an idea what kind of profiles you may get during the servicing tenure.

We will be happy for you, nonetheless membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Our packages are not refundable, please make sure everything is clear before moving forward.

We accept payments via Cheque/ cash, bank transfers, or online using debit/credit cards.

No, our charges are a one-time payment which needs to be paid fully at once, we do not accept partial payments. (Please get in touch with us to check on available discounts).

We provide frequent updates on WhatsApp/ calls and emails or as per the preference of the member.

While we always want you to find a match from the first set itself, it is completely based on your shortlisting and response on your profile. This is very subjective.

We can surely provide you with the horoscope details, while it needs to be matched at your end.

Company is founded by dynamic duo Abhinav Gandhi and Misha Mallik.

Wedknott caters to medicos, premier institutes/ IVY league, civil servants, NRIs, high net worth individuals, second marriages (divorcee/ widowed/annulled), All professionally qualified, masters,’ bachelors’ profiles.

After detailed conversation and understanding your requirements, we find handpicked matches for you and will work towards the shortlisted profiles.

The main difference is being involved in the process and work closely with clients’ requirements. We at Wedknott make sure that each aspect is understood clearly and worked upon. We do not follow a standard procedure for everyone. Every client is different, their requirement is different and thus we work what is in best interest of our client. The focus is to arrange meetings and conversations.

While we mention Personalised service, it is truly personalised to your requirements and our process is defined how you would like us to work for you.

Partner preferences are the basic aspects of the person you are looking for. Like age, caste, height, income, profession, marital status.

Apart from your basic and professional information, you can choose what to display on the profile.